ALEX MALLORY is an MFA candidate in Directing at Northwestern University investigating human agency, violence, and identity through the adaptation and deconstruction of classic texts.

She has directed and developed work with Lincoln Center, BEDLAM, Culture Project's Women Center Stage, The Working Theatre, Classical Theater of Harlem, The Telling Project, the Veteran Artist Program, and as Co-Artistic Director of Poetic Theater Productions from 2011-2015.

Alex holds a BA in Drama from Stanford University, where she was received the Louis Sudler Prize in Creative Arts and the Sherifa Omade Edoga Prize for work involving social issues. Associate Member, SDC.

Introducing: The Metal Shop Performance Lab

To create theatrical events that foster radical community-building and authentic exchange between artists and audiences.

What is a performance lab and why start one?
A performance lab is a space to experiment with alternative ideas and methods of theatrical process and performance. In this increasingly disconnected world, I am seeking authentic encounters. I am interested in pursuing theater that connects the artists with the audience through an experience of exchange and connection, building something new with the individual members of its audience every night.

Why the Metal Shop?
In a metal shop, old materials and natural elements are melted, joined, and forged with fire into new life.

Inaugural Project: A WAKENING ****POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19****

A WAKENING is a feminist reinvention of process and performance as theatrical community event. The project is a radical deconstruction of Wedekind's Frühlings Erwachen (Spring Awakening) that gives voice to the complex women characters whose stories are drowned out by those of young men. A WAKENING is a response to the generational silence and shame around the sexuality of women, in particular young women, that have been amplified in our isolated, media-saturated culture.